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If you are a bar, cafe, restaurant, or other food establishment, and would like to try our smoked meat selection or pierogi, let us know to arrange a tasting session and information on trade terms.


Our Sauerkraut is made of green cabbage fermented in a traditional Polish clay pot for weeks.

All is added to the cabbage is non-iodised table salt and carrot. The nutritional value of sauerkraut is amazing, which no wonder, it’s classified as a super food.

You can eat it 'raw' straight from the jar or add it to your favourite salads. Stew it with meat or simply heat as a vegetarian dish. It's also a delicious stuffing for croquettes or in a Polish sauerkraut soup.

The Polish Kiełbasa - Smoked Sausage

A real Kiełbasa – our smoked Polish sausages are made from 100% pork and the best quality pork casing is used.

They are smoked with oak wood chips and hung to dry to take on the amazing flavour and colour. The only fat in the sausage comes from the meat, no fillers. And they are gluten free.

You can eat them cold, in a sandwich or grilled, baked, fried and cooked over a camp fire. Or add them to casseroles, stews and goulash.


Our Beetroot barszcz is made from red beets, vegetable stock and mushroom stock.

Only fresh ingredients are used and all is cooked from scratch.

Barszcz is packed with antioxidants and is great to drink from a mug on a chilly winter's day.