ŻUREK - sour rye Polish soup

The famous Polish żurek is really easy to make. You just need a few good ingredients. Here is how I make it.
What you'll need:
1,5L of stock / bone broth or liquid from heating up the sausages
2 white sausages (biała kiełbasa) or smoked pork sausages
200g of smoked bacon
1/2 onoin
2 potatoes (optional)
500ml żur kwas - rye flour fermentation 
100ml cream 
1tsp horseradish (freshly grated or from a jar)
herbs and spices: marjoram, salt, pepper, allspice (5 seeds), bay leaf (2 leaves), a few dry wild mushrooms (optional)
What to do:
1. You can use the stock / broth or simply poach your sausages in 1,5L of water, just simmer, don't boil for 20 minutes.
2. Take sausages out of the stock and cool.
3. Add cubed potatoes and herbs and spices and simmer until spuds are cooked.
4. Slice sausages and cut bacon into small cubes. Fry all together with chopped onions and add to the stock and simmer for 2 minutes.
5. Add żur (shake the bottle well). Simmer for another 5 minutes - do not boil. 
6. mix the cream with 1tsp of horseradish and stir into the soup. 
if your żurek is not thick enough (depends on how you like it), mix a tsp of standard flour with cream and add to the soup. Stir well. 
.... and your Easter żurek is ready! Smacznego :-)