Silesian Dumplings - Kluski Śląskie

Silesian Dumplings - Kluski Śląskie

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Silesian kluski / Polish potato dumpling V, VG, DF, GF

Made of potato and potato starch. These traditional dumplings are a perfect addition to any dinner or as a meal by themselves. 
Best way to eat Silesian kluski is to coat them with caramelised onions, fried mushrooms or your favourite meat with gravy. 

They are very delicate and we don’t add any preservatives so their shelf life is quite short (approx 4 days). So if you don’t intend to eat them right away, they can be frozen and reheated we you are ready to eat.


Ingredients: Potatoes , Potato starch, Salt

How to prepare fresh:

Simmer in water for two minutes until they raise to the top of your pan

How to prepare from frozen:

Simmer (don’t boil) until kluski raise to the top. They are already cooked, just need to be reheated. 

10 dumplings per package